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Sessions with Danielle are absolutely divine. I feel so supported and empowered each time we connect, as we dive deeply into areas of my life that are ready to be transformed, healed, and held with compassion. She is attentive, kind, wise, and gifted at helping you step into your authentic self. Thank you for this blessing, I highly recommend having a hypnotherapy session (or many) with her to fuel your soul journey!

Caitlin Leig

Whidbey Island, Washington, USA


I had the pleasure of experiencing several hypnotherapy sessions with Danielle, and it was a joy to work with her. Each session was relaxing and productive; her soothing voice and expert guidance helped me tap into my subconscious mind and make meaningful progress toward my goals. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.

Conni Renee

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


I was very skeptical at first and I was a little uncomfortable. I decided to go through with a past lives session I am so glad that I did. Danielle is well trained, very knowledgeable, great at calming the nerves, talking through concerns, and answering questions. She did a wonderful job of walking me through the process. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I highly recommend Danielle, she's very skilled at what she does.

Stevey V.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

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