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Hypnosis to Unleash Your Inner Potential
Begin Your Transformational Odyssey to Self-Discovery

Initial Session $225 ✦ Ongoing Sessions $150

Awaken the Power Within
Beneath the surface of your daily consciousness lies a profound depth of untapped potential. Many of us navigate life without fully accessing our subconscious abilities, leaving transformative power dormant. Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Progressive Relaxation, and variations thereof help to intuitively open the mind to these beneficial resources within. 

Journey Through Self-Discovery
Stellar Directive is your guide in this journey, leading you to significant, long-lasting changes in your life. Our tailored sessions go beyond mere relaxation; they empower you to achieve a harmonious balance and acquire life-enhancing skills.

Number 01

Initial Exploration
Your journey commences in an environment of support and empathy. Together with Danielle, you will uncover and confront hidden fears, heal past traumas, and set ambitious, yet attainable goals. This foundational stage is where you learn to harness the power of your subconscious to positively direct your life's path.

Number 02

Relaxation and Engagement
Danielle guides you into a state of hypnosis, akin to the tranquility before sleep or the absorption in a captivating narrative. This state enhances your receptiveness to change, allowing you to tackle deep-seated fears and anxieties, and reshape them into strengths.

Number 03

Constructive Reinvention
These suggestions are designed to challenge limiting beliefs and foster new, more favorable choices, actions, and outcomes through neuroplasticity: th ebrain's ability to change is due to neurons forming new connections.

Number 04

Aftercare and Continuation
After each session, reflect on the insights gained and progress made. Danielle provides ongoing support and tools, including self-hypnosis techniques and audio recordings, to solidify and expand upon the transformations achieved.

Tailor Your Transformation
Choose the setting that best suits your needs. Opt for the convenience and comfort of online sessions or the tangible, nurturing environment of our in-office sessions. Booking is straightforward, allowing you to start or continue your journey with ease.

 Hypnosis 1 Icon

Initial Discovery Session
Dive into a comprehensive 90-minute session for $225, where your path to change is thoughtfully mapped out.

 Hypnosis 2 Icon

Ongoing Empowerment
Continue your journey in 60-minute sessions at $150, building upon your progress and refining your path towards a life of fulfillment and self-mastery.

Your Path to Empowerment
This work is about overcoming obstacles and embracing your hopes, dreams, and the boundless possibilities of your subconscious. Join us in this journey of self-mastery, where each session is a step toward a life of balance, fulfillment, and empowered existence. Your subconscious is the key – let us help you unlock your full potential.


Our services are designed to help you uncover your inner truth, ignite personal growth, and create the life you've always dreamed of.

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