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Review Photo Lara Wessel

Danielle has been an incredible teacher and coach for me during our transformative hypnosis sessions. She is highly intuitive and well-educated, always pinpointing exactly what I need in every session. Often, it's only after a session, sometimes even a week later, that I fully realize the effectiveness of her work with me. Her naturally calm demeanor allows me to completely surrender to the process, enhancing its efficacy. I can't recommend her enough. I've personally made significant progress since we started working together. Her guidance has been priceless.

Lara Wessel

Los Angeles, California, USA

Review Photo Cristina Schneeberger

I have been fortunate to work with Danielle on more than one occasion, and what I have found is that she is truly skilled and possesses a genuine gift for intuition and healing. She conducted a past life reading for me and was the first to pinpoint details of my last life, which led me to seek and make additional discoveries. We also had a hypnotherapy session at her office, during which I felt completely at ease and focused. She prepared a unique session tailored precisely to my needs. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future and continuing to tap into her many talents!

Cristina Schneeberger

Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Review Photo Heidi Miller

I live many states away from Danielle, who has been a good friend for years. I was so elated when I saw she was offering distance Reiki and recently decided to give it a try. It was incredible to be in my home and reap the benefits of her spirit and work. Although it may not seem to some that distance Reiki will 'work,' trust me when I say it’s incredible. We just finished my second session, and I am so thankful for Danielle, her lovely soul, and for sharing her passion with all of us. Don’t let distance stop you from booking with her—the benefits are magical, even from afar.

Heidi Miller

Windsor, Vermont, USA

Review Photo Caitlin Leigh

Sessions with Danielle are absolutely divine. I feel so supported and empowered each time we connect, as we delve deeply into areas of my life that are ready for transformation, healing, and compassionate care. Danielle is attentive, kind, wise, and gifted at helping you step into your authentic self. Thank you for this blessing. I highly recommend having a hypnotherapy session (or many) with her to fuel your soul journey!

Caitlin Leig

Whidbey Island, Washington, USA

Review Photo Conni Renee

I had the pleasure of experiencing several hypnotherapy sessions with Danielle, and it was a joy to work with her. Each session was relaxing and productive; her soothing voice and expert guidance helped me tap into my subconscious mind and make meaningful progress toward my goals. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. I look forward to continuing our work together.

Conni Renee

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Review Photo Stevey

I was very skeptical at first and a little uncomfortable. I decided to go through with a past life session, and I am so glad that I did. Danielle is well-trained, very knowledgeable, and great at calming nerves, discussing concerns, and answering questions. She did a wonderful job of guiding me through the process. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I highly recommend Danielle; she's very skilled at what she does.

Stevey V.

Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

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Danielle Jimenez, CHt

As a Certified Master Hypnotist, my greatest joy is guiding clients to tap into their subconscious minds to create lasting change. I genuinely believe that the power to make the most of our lives is within each of us, and it's my mission to help you discover and harness that power.


Our services are designed to help you uncover your inner truth, ignite personal growth, and create the life you've always dreamed of.

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