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5 Signs You've Unlocked Past Life Memories

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I've found many people are interested in past life regressions, and it's part of what led me to do this work. My own daughter would tell me stories of her past life as a waitress in California. At the time I didn't have the knowledge to adequately process with her what she was experiencing. Many others have had similar experiences themselves or with their children, and they cite various signs as evidence. Here are just a few of the signs that may indicate you've unlocked past life memories:

  1. Recurring dreams and visions of traumatic events: Some people have dreams or visions that they believe are memories from a past life. These are often very intense and may even include memories of a death. Children as young as 3 have shared stories like this. Many children shared so much knowledge of their past life that they were able to lead their parents to the exact details of the person they once were. Some people don't experience these feelings until they are affected with a sense of familiarity or déjà vu in certain situations or places that they have never even been to before, which we will get to next.

  2. Strong connections to certain people or locations: Having a strong physical or emotional connection to certain people or places may be another clue of a past life. We all have people that we are naturally drawn to, but sometimes it's on a soul level that can't be matched. It's like they have a secret password from the past life that unlocks something from deep within this life making it possible to navigate life together again (for good or bad). I've also heard stories of people having an extreme desire to visit a specific location. Once there, they suddenly find themselves knowing exactly how to navigate what they thought was a brand new city and have no way to explain it. They usually have a profound knowing that this place was once their home in a past life.

  3. Strange ailments that have no reasonable explanation: Many people have used past life regression to alleviate incessant pain or health issues that they cannot explain in relation to their current life circumstances. They all have sought medical help and usually couldn't find a solution by the time they choose regression. I've heard success stories from other regressionists that once their client acknowledged the pain didn't come from their current life and realized it was ok to release it, they no longer had the ailment and continued on without pain. Even if we can't prove it was really from a past life, releasing trauma in any capacity is definitely helpful.

  4. Talents or knowledge that exceed expectations: Some people have skills or talents that go beyond what would be expected for their age or training. We tend to think of these people as prodigies or geniuses due to their superior abilities. They have an inherent proficiency towards their calling that would take others years to achieve. More often there are less dramatic situations where people just have a certain knack for a particular career or hobby; almost as if they intuitively know they are here in this life to advance the work they started in another.

  5. Experience a phobia with no apparent reason: Imagine going about your normal, everyday life when suddenly something triggers a physical or emotional response that is so intense and out of proportion to any actual danger posed to you. This type of phobia can be very disruptive to a person's life, leading to significant suffering. When it is unknown where the phobia came from and traditional treatments don't work or take longer than a client is willing to wait, past life regression can be a key to unlocking a remedy. The regression can bring about changes quickly by allowing them to view an alternate life that brings forth imagery to evoke a reason for the phobia.

*It is important to note that these signs do not automatically indicate a past life, and there of course may be other explanations for these experiences. Always discuss further with your doctors and therapists before making any conclusions based on having one or more of these experiences.

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