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Have A Calm Childbirth With Hypnosis

Updated: 3 days ago

Welcome, expectant mama! Have you found your way here looking for a better way to birth? I'm so glad you have found hypnosis. I know as soon as one finds out they're pregnant, one of the first thoughts after all the excitement is a birth plan. What do we want this life changing event to look and feel like? I'm sure if you have shared this wonderful news with others, you have found other moms that are more than willing to share their childbirth experience, whether it be good or bad. Many women in our society have expectations of a painful and stressful birth thanks to other mothers wanting to share their experience like an old battle story to reminisce over. Although it may not be ill intended, it almost immediately implants doubt and fear of one's capabilities to birth.

What if I told you that you could have a completely different experience than they had?

The truth is, our bodies know exactly how to labor and birth naturally without the intervention of anyone. Of course, it is wonderful luck to be a mother in this modern world to help us if we have complications, but it's also wonderful to be empowered with the knowledge that you are a magical being that intuitively knows how to bring forth life. When you have the tools necessary to bring yourself out of the fight or flight response and into the state of hypnosis, your body can instinctively do what mothers of any species can do...calm and peaceful childbirth!

If you are interested in learning more about these techniques, please call for a free consultation to discuss next steps or schedule your first session below so we can co-create a birthing plan that feels right for you.

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