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Hypnosis & Reiki - Complementary & Effective

Updated: Apr 11

Hypnosis and Reiki are two distinct practices that involve different techniques, but they may work well together depending on your goals. While hypnosis is used to induce a state of trance or relaxation so you may actively become more receptive to suggestions and ideas; Reiki, on the other hand, is a passive holistic healing technique that involves the use of energy to also promote relaxation for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

While these two practices have different methods, it is possible for them to be used together in a complementary way. For example, a person who is undergoing hypnosis for anxiety or stress relief may also want to receive Reiki prior to a hypnosis session to provide deeper relaxation and balance their energy. If Reiki energizes you and your goal is to be motivated to workout for weight loss, we would want to do Reiki after hypnosis to allow you to feel refreshed and empowered to tackle your new healthy habits.

If you've never experienced Reiki and would like to find out how it feels for you, I would be happy to schedule your first session so you can enjoy whatever sensations may occur for you! Reiki is cumulative, so even if you don't experience much the first time, with more sessions you'll usually have progressively deeper impressions.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of these practices depends on the individual's openness and receptivity. If you are interested in combining hypnosis and Reiki, it is recommended to find practitioners, such as myself, who are experienced in both practices and can offer a safe and effective approach.

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