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The Path That Led Me To Hypnosis

Updated: Apr 11

The path that led me to hypnosis was thanks to lots of bread crumbs from the Universe. The first bread crumb that I can say I remember is being a little girl with very vivid dreams. I would keep detailed dream journals to track my nightly adventures. Friends and family would buy me dream dictionaries and journals to support my love of interpreting the symbols. Thanks to those journals I continue to remember many dreams from well over 20 years ago. Some of those dreams came to be reality. I still very clearly remember a dream of a handsome man in an old truck, that I now recognize was my husband and a truck I would later buy him as a gift.

When I was a senior in high school, I had to meet with the school counselor to discuss my plans for graduation. I was asked what my dream job would be and I was enthusiastically willing to share that I wanted to work with dreams. The counselor looked at me, deadpan, and said, “That’s not a real job and you need to be realistic.” That completely broke me. I felt so foolish for sharing something so deeply personal and to feel that rejection left me looking for something “realistic”. I had no clue what to do with my life after high school so I allowed my dream of dreams to die. I told myself that after summer was over I would figure it out. I was sort of leaving my life up to fate and wanted a sign as to what I should do next.

I was provided for by the Universe with a corporate job in oil and gas. The summer before 12th grade my mom got me an internship with her company that needed a file clerk. I hadn't really thought about it after that, but I asked my mom to see if they needed help again. Luckily, they liked me enough to offer me an entry level position doing administrative work full time. I quickly realized I could get hands on experience from the analysts that were kind enough to teach me. I would help anyone that would allow me and eventually worked my way up to being the Senior Lease Analyst I still am today. I know it’s not a favorite industry, but I am so grateful for the life it has provided me. 19 years and counting, and I'm still able to work and continue my education in another industry with their full support.

Another bread crumb came when the pandemic hit. I began having some crazy wild dreams. These dreams were persistent, memorable and recurring, so I started journaling again. Once I began writing them out, I noticed they would ease and be less traumatic. I had lots of time in the house to sit and read, so I stacked up books that I still haven’t had the chance to read. Each one led me to something new to try. Lucid dreaming became my first fascination. I had no idea you could become so aware in a dream that you could co-create your dreamscape with your subconscious. I practiced for months until I was able to "wake up" in my dream and remain calm enough to not wake myself completely.

I wanted to share all the things I was learning. I couldn't possibly be the only one having these dream experiences. My family were good sports but they had heard it all enough that I decided to start an Instagram page dedicated to teaching others how to acknowledge and use their dreams to make their lives better. Once I made the leap, every new book came with a new crumb. I devoured as much information as I could so I could share it with anyone and everyone that would listen to me. One of the books, Dreaming The Soul Back Home by Robert Moss referenced a book by Jane Roberts called The Education of Oversoul Seven, which gave me the best understanding on past and future lives. Basically, we all have an oversoul that takes care of us like a guardian of not only our current life but all of our past and future lives happening concurrently because they are interconnected and time isn't linear. This lit up another part of the path and I started having dreams of a past life. The imagery was as real as my waking life right now and I could not ignore that it felt different than any other dream I had ever experienced.

I began searching how to do past life regressions on myself. YouTube became my source for guides into those past experiences. I now wanted to learn how to provide past life regressions for others. I felt strongly that I wanted to have some sort of education on how to be an effective regressionist, so I began searching for certifications. My search led me to a whole new world of hypnotherapy schools. I was honestly shocked at all the information that I hadn't known was out there. One stood out for me because they had a certification for Past Life Regression Therapy and that was HMI College of Hypnotherapy. They had a plethora of classes and certifications and I immediately felt drawn here over any of the other schools I had talked with. There was a bird's eye view of what I really could do now to help others make the subconscious a part of their everyday lives. I started class December 2021 and I'm so grateful the Universe left its bread crumbs for me to follow and that I paid attention to the guidance. I've gained so many great tools to be able to help more people than I ever thought possible. I don't know what the Universe has in store for me next, but I trust it's leading me to my true sense of purpose.

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