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What Does Dreamwork Have To Do With Hypnosis?

Updated: Apr 11

Dreams and hypnosis are uniquely intertwined. They are simply altered states of our consciousness that we can utilize to make our lives better. Dreaming and hypnosis are like windows to view the health of our subconscious minds. You may already know how vital sleep is for our wellbeing, but dreaming is also crucial to normal brain function. Our subconscious processes the day's happenings when we dream and sorts through it all deciding what we still need to resolve and what we are ready to let go of. We may also find solutions to issues we struggled with in our waking life. I'm sure you've heard the expression "just sleep on it" as a form of advice when we are stuck in between two choices or feeling blocked creatively. This is because sometimes we are too immersed in what's in front of us that we can't see the bigger picture and get frustrated. The great thing about hypnosis is we can resolve, release, and reset even more during a session by bringing a specific issue into focus and requesting venting dreams in the near future surrounding that issue. Why not pump up our results using our own mind power?!

When we are in a hypnotic state, it is similar to the hypnopompic and hypnagogic state we are in when we are transitioning from sleep to wakefulness or wakefulness to sleep. The hypnagogic state is also referred to as the magic hour. Any information we retain during this last hour before falling sleep drops quickly into the subconscious. Therefore, hypnosis right before bed can help you see results quicker. Using this last hour of our waking life with intent on our goals and dreams creates a powerfully effective time for change. Journaling before bed and practicing self-hypnosis is an amazing way to reinforce the work we do in session. I plan on teaching a free class soon on both therapeutic journaling and self-hypnosis, and would love to share with you how to make this a part of your nightly ritual. Subscribe to my newsletter to hear first about joining classes.

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